Wednesday, 23 April 2008

Tactic Skills

So in GW7 today was update day.

One of the biggest new features was the tactic skills addition. This has caused nothing less then an uproar, BUT as usual I am going to go against the tide here and say I LOVE THE TACTIC SKILLS.

Let me explain,

1) Any(Ok some) newcomer to the football manager series will play a few games using the default tactics. Any one who tries telling me they haven't is clearly some one who reads a game manual(and they aint many of them!!!!) So in a new GW this creates a level playing field for all no matter what their experience of FM is!

2) By unlocking features of the tactics singley it forces any manager to learn EXACTLY what each section relates to how their team responds thus making everyone slightly better.

3) If Tactics are the most singular most important then you will choose Blackboard management skills as your starting skills giving you an immediate advantage in this area to others who may choose another area to specialise in first off(more on this latter)

Right its late and I am at work early tomorrow so will finish this off later........TBC

Monday, 21 April 2008

Its been a while

Okay, I am sorry its been a while since my last post, so lets have a brief catch up with Area 51 FC.

After making some big money signing including Jesus Navas towards the end of last season to ensure a Premiership place diaster struck.....Due to a bug I was stuck in a game for no less then 9 days!!!! What this did to my team un did 6 weeks of work and I slipped down to the lower rankings and was forced to sell off many players including all the top name guys. Many people have asked me why I never just restarted and the answer is simple- I had a large number of assests which I could and did sell which gave me a very nice bank balance!!

Another problem caused by the bug was a back log of games (over 50 games) and because I came unlocked while online many of these where played and lost by the AI which caused me 2 more head aches.
The first one being the moral issue & secondly what this did to my rankings.

Any how that is all in the past and thus why we are doing beta, as it happens I am not bothered about the problems caused I can now challenge myself to one day return to the top 100 club. HOWEVER had I been paying for this I would naturally not be happy, but thanks to SI and the 1000's of testers like me come retail issues such as this WONT be happening.