Monday, 21 April 2008

Its been a while

Okay, I am sorry its been a while since my last post, so lets have a brief catch up with Area 51 FC.

After making some big money signing including Jesus Navas towards the end of last season to ensure a Premiership place diaster struck.....Due to a bug I was stuck in a game for no less then 9 days!!!! What this did to my team un did 6 weeks of work and I slipped down to the lower rankings and was forced to sell off many players including all the top name guys. Many people have asked me why I never just restarted and the answer is simple- I had a large number of assests which I could and did sell which gave me a very nice bank balance!!

Another problem caused by the bug was a back log of games (over 50 games) and because I came unlocked while online many of these where played and lost by the AI which caused me 2 more head aches.
The first one being the moral issue & secondly what this did to my rankings.

Any how that is all in the past and thus why we are doing beta, as it happens I am not bothered about the problems caused I can now challenge myself to one day return to the top 100 club. HOWEVER had I been paying for this I would naturally not be happy, but thanks to SI and the 1000's of testers like me come retail issues such as this WONT be happening.

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