Monday, 3 March 2008

The come back kids

Many guys who start FML make the mistake (IMO) of just importing their old tactics from FM07/08 etc and then wonder why they get thrashed. Well the reason is quite simple where as on FM08 you are always playing the same computer which is preprogrammed to react in certain ways, on FML you are playing up to 1,000 different human brains, so every game you are gonna need to play slightly differently. Also most users are not gonna sit back and watch there side get thrashed 3-0 so they are gonna come at you and a grab a comeback. All to often I have heard the same guys moaning I was winning 3 or 4 nil then lost 5-4. Asked what they did to protect their lead all to often the reply is nothing I was hammering them.

Today I have played quite a few games where I was winning by an odd goal with a couple of mins left on the clock, and I to made this mistake... result was I either lost (5-4)or at best draw 1-1. What should I have done??

Player tiredness comes in to affect here, take that super star MC who has scored 3 goals and got 4 assists and a rating of 9 but his condition is 73, well I should had dragged him off shouldn't I

Also is dropping back and letting the other team come on to always the best thing to do? I would have to say no!! some times the best form of defence is offensive, but just deeper offensive then before!!

But every game and every team is different so the same approach will never work all times, it is just a case of experimenting and learning what will work best for your bunch of players and when you do suffer from a come back the best advice I have ever been given is rewatch the match again, and try to work out what did your opponent do and how did you combat it...if at all!!!!

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