Sunday, 2 March 2008

About me & this Blog

I started as a FML beta tester back in December 07 in game world four after 3 seasons with my team (REAL TIGERS ALBION, Area 51 FC & Philadelphia experiment)in the DFA I was nominated by the mods(thanks Guys) to become a moderator for a new Game World (GW7) SI had set up, after careful consideration and weighing up the pros and cons 30 seconds later my mind was made up and the email accepting was sent off, and I said my good byes(sorry if I didn't catch anyone) released all my players and off I went along with 3 other guys.

Instead of talking more about the game in general ( i will leave that to Nik and his superb blog this will be more about me and the birth of a new team in a new world.


Nik the Mod said...

Looking forward to seeing how things turn out for you and your new team in GW7 mate - hope your spelling is better than in the chatrooms though ;)

All the best!

Andy G said...

aye there is a spell checker here!