Sunday, 2 March 2008

My new team

Friday 29/2/07 2030hrs GMT

After a short but sweet farewell to all the guys in GW4 I signed out for the last time and joined GW7. Upon arrival I was greeted by the familiar faces of Si & Rich with their blue bands at the top, I on the other hand was still down as just another user having joined up a bit later everyone from SI who could change my status wasn't about which gave me chance to set up my team in relative peace.

Now i have known guys who have spent hours if not a couple of days getting there initial squad together scouting around and sniffing around the players and moulding an almost perfect team(well as good as you can with just 500K to spend and 100K wage total) not me I go for the quick and easy way and just let the AI randomly select players based on a few easy questions, if I recall these were the filters I used 1 GK, 1 DR 1 DL 4 DC 2MR 2 ML 4 MC and 3 S aged between 18 and 27 with a total wage bill of 75K

Less then a second later I had my initial squad, immediately I released my DR & DL as these wouldn't be required (unfortunately you cant select 0 for any position) then a quick glance at my GK reveled he to would be ditched (eccentricity 19 lol) and as I wanted a S with a good long shot ability the weaker of the three was also ditched this left me with just the simple task of having to scout a decent GK and a forward with high composure and high long shots attributes and a fair bit of pace and natural fitness. As the more experience managers will all ready see I had a fairly good idea of my tactics and I now had a squad of 16 players, a wage bill of 82K which would give me plenty of cover for my 3-5-2 tactics I am so very fond of!! Sure I could have refined it a lot more but for me one of the joys of FML is taking a poor team and improving on them, many will disagree and prefer the lets start good and keep there approach which is all well and fine but not my cup of tea.

Confirmed button hit and I was ready for my 1st game, tactics would come later for me as I go down the road of start with a default 3-5-2 and tweak it over a number of games as I find weaknesses in my team!! two games later it was 2 wins notched up and I was chuffed, the next game things went pear shaped 0-5 the beginners luck had ran out.........

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