Sunday, 2 March 2008

Blogs & Fansites

There are many Fan sites & blogs dedicated to FML springing up throughout cyberspace at the moment and I quite often have a gander at a few of them(see the link section to the left )especially when the server is down as I like reading about different perspectives on the game. I do not see these sites in competition with my own blog. How ever comments from a moderator of one such Fan site to my publicising this page in his thread on the official FML forum has made me think why do people such as myself start fan sites & blogs?

I do this for myself really, if people want to read it or not is their choice, I have put a few links on the forum just to let people know of my blogs existence. I don't actually care if they read it or not to be honest,

None beta testers will read blogs such as mine and (to name just two) to see what they are missing out on and whether it is the sort of thing they will want to buy come retail, if I help just person decide then its a bonus.

SI have stated that they are quite happy for blogs and fansites to spring up on the back of beta and hopefully these sites will generate even more interest in the game.

How ever when you have some sites trying to convince people not to look at other people work I begin to wonder what their motives are??? Clearly it is not just the love of the game that drives them to publish things about FML in cyber space!!!

BTW if you know of any other websites dedicated to FML please let me know with a link attached and I will add the link to this site.

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