Tuesday, 13 May 2008

Ask a mod question 1

Stewart Downing asks:

Is it possible to set a official feeder or parent club without it being classed as cheating? If not will it be introduced into the game by release. Can you please discuss what would be the benefits or negatives if this was introduced. eg// does the parent have to pay the feeder a weekly fee, or any loaned players have to be in the starting 16 of the feeder unless it's official comp or they are injured or suspended. Thanks

Whilst I am not sure what SI long term plans with regards to "official" parent/feeder clubs. I do know that in beta at least that some teams (including at least 3 mod teams) DO have an agreement with other teams and it is perfectly allowed. The exact terms of these agreements are not always made public but generally it involves the parent club loaning youth players or fringe squad players to the feeder club for little or no wage contribution in return for first refusal on the feeder clubs players, sometimes scouting of players would also be shared between the teams. The only rules that MUST be kept to is NO match fixing and NO selling at ridiculously low or high prices. It is unfortunately impossible at this stage to include a weekly fee, and is impossible for either teams to bind the other to the terms of the agreement, it is all mearly based on trust and a gentleman's agreement. So if you are to do this choose the other team carefully!!! The benefits to both teams are clear, the smaller (normally poorer) club gets to have a constant supply of player which they may not otherwise be able to afford otherwise, and the larger club gets to give fringe players and youth players competitive matches which will increase the players stats and also first pickings on up & coming players
Hope this answers your question.

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