Thursday, 15 May 2008

Buy to Sell

There has been a lot of discussion regarding teams buying players in wage auctions just to sell on in a transfer 7 days later in the forums at the moment. For those of you that have been so far not been lucky enough to partake in the beta test let me explain

A wage auction is one where you state how much you are willing to pay a players wages in a blind auction, if you win you sign that player on either a 1 or 2 season contract and pay his acquisition fee which is in his profile either to the GW if he is a free agent or to his existing club. How ever after 7 days of signing a player in a wage auction you are then free to sell him either in a private transfer of a transfer auction. A private transfer being one where you and another manager negotiate how much he or she is willing to pay you for that player, and a wage auction being very similar to how an ebay auction works(i.e. you state how much you are willing to bid for said player, but only ever pay 2nd highest bid+£1 if you are the highest bidder). The prices that players sell for in this auction can far exceed the players acquisition fee so some (in my opinion) unscrupulous managers are signing a lot of players in wage auctions and then selling them on 7 days later for a large profit.

Well there is 2 ways of looking the first being if some one is willing to pay you x amount of money more then they could have picked him up for 7 days earlier then who am I or anyone else for that matter to argue. On the other hand buying players with the sole intention of selling them 7 days later is an exploit which needs closing. It is one thing to buy a player, play him a few matches, decide he doesn't fit into your side, then stick him in an auction and let the market dictate his value, and if you make a profit out of him lucky you!! BUT if you are solely buying players with no intention of playing them, and then heavily marketing them 7 days later and selling for a massive profit then this is another thing.

Me I am sat on the fence, torn between two very different view points that I agree with equally

The debate continues


Anonymous said...

How about balancing this thing out by adding names to the managers. like "whole sale retail manager" and have that influence that teams morale.

that would work Ithink (though not i beta just yet)

-zutcorp fc - pcgamer winner

Anonymous said...

How about a settlement fee... I:e a player bought in Year 3, they can be sold within the same season, but a settlement fee of half there existing wages has to be paid. Once the player has been with a club for a whole season then it they are free to be sold.

This way the people signing a £10k player on £50k wages will have to take a massive hit to sell them on or suffer financally by keeping them.