Saturday, 17 May 2008

New look to Blog

I was never happy with how my blog looked before if I was totally honest, it just never looked polished. So I went away and had a little play still not sure if I like it but is it better or worse let me know!


Anonymous said...

Hey mate

sorry, In my opinion it doesnt look good. Your header is hard to read, and looks like its the wrong format (at least on my screen)

And then theres the whole colour scheme, which imho looks like a teen pop group website :-)

I like your log btw, and Ive been reading it for quite some time in prepartation to start the beta sometime soon

Andy G said...

Thanks for the feedback, the header is a work in progress, and the colour scheme is my teams colours but I will have a rethink!!!.

Glad you are a regular reader though!

Anonymous said...

Sorry forgot to sign my post. Im zutcorp FC manager. Well i will be when the pc gamer beta server opens up. Should be soonish now!

I like your look better now, with the black background.

You should try a different font for the text next to the picture - something more clean!