Friday, 9 May 2008

Tactic updates

From the FML tester forum.

From the release notes...

- Reorganised the tactics skills so they should now better represent the needs of the moderate, intermediate and hardcore tacticians out there. The bad news, is that this means the existing tactics skills have been wiped. The good news, is that the time spent on these skills should be repayed in the form of an extended bonus.

To explain, we believe the first system we tried was a little over the top as it really forced everyone to learn at least a few tactics skills. Hopefully this system will be much more friendly to those who don't really care about tactics at all.

Furthermore the incoming system is designed to be of a similar length to other areas meaning the benefit gained for specialising here against the time spent learning the skills should be the same as in other categories.

Finally, the system is designed to provide a good intermediate level of tactical skill within a couple of days training which again should bring it more into line with the other area.

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